Cycling Enthusiast WANTED

We're looking to Licence our Vertical App Technology to one individual or a team of four, who are extremely driven and passionate about the cycling industry, bringing our intelligent and unique social experience to cycling.

Are you the kind of person who can…

✅ Demonstrate a vast amount of knowledge in the industry
✅ Have a network of connections within the industry
✅ Be dedicated to creating a phenomenal product
✅ Be willing to work alongside us

Are you a good fit?

Vertical, the intelligent app technology powered by Expert Apps.


Over the last 12 months, 45 industry leaders and enthusiasts have invested in a Vertical App for their industry, ranging from small business owners to 7 figure investors, we have an enthusiastic bunch of driven individuals making a mark on their space.


Now, we are ready for you!


This opportunity enables a cycling enthusiast to team up with us, Expert Apps to create a world-class social experience for the industry that you LOVE.

It's our passion to solve the cycling industries biggest problems with tech!

Can Anybody Do This?

YES - As long as you have the initial funding of £7,995 - £14,995 (depending on where you want to start) and are prepared to work hard, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way, including selecting the initial components, marketing strategies and monetisation angles.

Our existing Vertical Licence Holders are a diverse group of individuals who are from all walks of life; ranging from stay at home parents to CEO's. That's the beauty of our Vertical Technology, anybody can get involved!

What Kind of Results are possible?

Meet Rob.

Rob reached out to Expert Apps after realising the potential of the potent combination of Expert Apps with the need for both a safe, respectful community for fans of The Beautiful Game to interact and a platform for parents, players, coaches and other professionals to be able to access industry leaders and experts.

From that moment on 'OURGAME' was born; the social network for football fans, regulated by our intelligent app technology. In just less than 2 weeks 'OURGAME' hit viral media landing 1,700,000 hits to the website alone.

'OURGAME' now enables football fans to access to thousands of articles, videos and podcast. Users can also view live scores, fixtures and league table standings.

Thank You For Making A Difference, Rob! 🙏

Meet Kay.

Kay contacted Expert Apps after connecting with Darren (Expert Apps CEO) at a Mastermind session in Birmingham. Kay is a creative whizz, currently running classes under Crafty Cavy, specialising in design, creation and the teaching of craft skills, and she loves a challenge; Within less than two weeks of connecting with Darren, the Joint Venture was well underway and the Arts and Crafts App was born.

The Arts and Crafts app is by far the prettiest vertical app in the collection. Such a smooth and relaxing look and feel!

Kay is now regularly connecting with many like-minded people in the knitting and crochet industry through her amazing Arts and Crafts App!

Thank You For Taking Such Care In The App, Kay! 😍

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